Link: “The Weirdest Thing at Sochi? Your Face on a Giant Screen of Morphing Pistons”

“One of the most impressive spectacles visitors can find at the Sochi games this month doesn’t have anything to do with sports at all. It’s their own face, over 20 feet tall, rendered on a giant morphing wall at the entrance to Olympic Park.” Von Kyle VanHemert (@kvanhemert) > Weiter bei Wired

Twistspin [Video]

Von ogaooooo – Blog, Twitter (japanisch).

A Brief Introduction to Genetics

“‘A Brief Introduction to Genetics’ is a short documentary film that explores the history of genetics & genomics and the underlying concepts that provide the foundational knowledge that today’s research is built upon. The film describes the history of genetics, from Gregor Mendel, to concepts such as DNA and the genetic code. Having introduced the fundamental ideas of genetics, the film moves on to describe the current techniques used to study genetics. Finally, the film explores the connection of these core concepts to genomics and bioinformatics.” By David Murawsky

Animation: ‘Above Everything Else’

Vollständig (!) computeranimierter Werbespot von Alex Roman.

Title: ‘Above Everything Else’, Agency: N/A – direct client, Client: Grupo Cosentino , Product: Worktop, Brand: Silestone, Production company: The Mushroom Company, Director/DoP/Art direction/Post/Editor: Alex Roman, Original idea/Concept: Alex Roman, Additional CGI: Juan Ángel García Martinez, Music: ZipZap Music, Spot TV 60″.


von Tomas Nilsson

Computeranimation: The Third & The Seventh

Das Video ist eine Computeranimation. Zu 100 Prozent. (Vollbild-Modus empfohlen).

Link: “Super Twario turns Twitter into a videogame”

The Next Web: “Here’s a unique Twitter client – you “play” your account as a videogame.”

BBC Knowledge: “Honk If You’re Human”

via LikeCool.