Link: “Google Calls Out Facebook’s Data Hypocrisy, Blocks Gmail Import”

“Facebook has long been a one-way valve. You put data in, so you can connect with friends, and then you can’t get it out and use it the way you would like to, even as the company is trying to corner the market on your identity.” Weiterlesen bei Wired/Epicenter

Link: Holographic telepresence demonstrated (Nature)

“A practical method of producing truly three-dimensional images that do not require the viewer to wear special eyewear would have many potential applications – in telemedicine, mapping and entertainment, for instance. True 3D holographic displays have so far lacked the capability of updating images with sufficient speed to convey movement. Now, a team working at the University of Arizona’s College of Optical Sciences and Nitto Denko Technical Corporation in Oceanside, California, has developed a system that updates images at close to real-time.”  Weiterlesen (Nature)

Link: “Drive a Robotic Mitsubishi From Your Desktop” (Wired)

“On Monday, Mitsubishi debuted the Outlander Sport Live Drive, a unique test drive where anyone stuck at work, sitting in an airport or lying in bed can pilot a car on a test course in LA.” Weiterlesen (Wired/Autopia)

Link: “Times paywall – who pays what then…”

“How does the Times’s 105,000 paywall number break down – and what’s it all worth?” Weiterlesen (

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