Link: “New Version of Google Maps Brings Indoor Floor Plans to Your Phone”

“Google’s Maps team has made fantastic advances in surveying and mapping seemingly every square inch of navigable ground on the planet. But for mobile users, those maps have always stopped just short of indoor spaces — until now.” Von Mike Isaac > Weiter bei Wired/Gadget Lab

Link: “Lake Lugano House, Switzerland”

“The residence and office, designed by Milan-based architect Jacopo Mascheroni of JM Architecture for a financial consultant and her family, consists of two sections: a rounded glass pavilion and a reinforced concrete structure that is partially inserted into the mountain.” > Weiter bei The Cool Hunter

Link: L House – Buenos Aires

“This residence was completed in January this year, yet it exudes a classic, modernist elegance that will ensure it will look just as timeless 50 years from now. Located in Buenos Aires, the “L House” by architect Mathias Klotz and associate architect Edgar Minond is the main residence of a small family.” > Weiter bei The Cool Hunter

Bilder: Bookcase Apartment

Bookcase Apartment (Brasilien): Weiter bei

Bilder: Bangkok University Creative Center

“Supermachine’s work in the Bangkok University Creative Centre (BUCC) – about 600 square meters in total – includes a workshop, library, exhibition space, viewing room and office.” Text und Bilder bei The Cool Hunter

Die Sammlung (2): Architektur

The Best Buildings in the World 2010

Il Girasole: A House Near Verona

Miyahara Architect Office: House NW

Nord Architecture: Shingle House

Mountain Research, Tokio
The Cool Hunter

BBC Knowledge: “Honk If You’re Human”

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