Link: “New Version of Google Maps Brings Indoor Floor Plans to Your Phone”

“Google’s Maps team has made fantastic advances in surveying and mapping seemingly every square inch of navigable ground on the planet. But for mobile users, those maps have always stopped just short of indoor spaces — until now.” Von Mike Isaac > Weiter bei Wired/Gadget Lab

Link: “Rent Mark Zuckerberg’s House!”

Looks like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has moved out of his Palo Alto rental. A tipster emailed us the listing for the 26-year-old billionaire’s former digs—$7,850 a month for a “gorgeous” four-bedroom with “charm and functionality.” Weiterlesen bei Valleywag

Link: “Best of What’s New 2010″

“Our December issue is more than just an exhaustive guide to the greatest creations of the year. It’s a forecast. For 23 years, the Best of What’s New awards have gone to the 100 innovations that indicate where technology is headed in the future. Here, in this special section of, we present all 100 products, with plenty of accompanying photos and video.” Weiterlesen bei PopSci

Die Sammlung (2): Architektur

The Best Buildings in the World 2010

Il Girasole: A House Near Verona

Miyahara Architect Office: House NW

Nord Architecture: Shingle House

Mountain Research, Tokio
The Cool Hunter

panoptICONS – Utrecht 2010

“panoptICONS’ addresses the fact that you are constantly being watched by surveillance cameras in city centres. The surveillance camera seems to have become a real pest that feeds on our privacy. To represent this, camera birds – city birds with cameras instead of heads – were placed throughout the city centre of Utrecht where they feed on our presence. In addition, a camera bird in captivity was displayed to show the feeding process and to make the everyday breach of our privacy more personal and tangible. panoptICONS is a project by Thomas voor ‘t Hekke and Bas van Oerle who work together by the name of ‘Helden’.” Mehr bei

Link: “Defacebook”

“In August, I sat down with the founders of the new social-networking system Diaspora. Earlier that day, they’d given me a peek at the prototype for the service, which looked familiar: It had “status statements” and comments and photos, displayed on a clean, neutral interface. But as the name suggests, their project was intended less as an imitation of Facebook than as an escape route from it — a path to freedom for those who had come to fear the dark side of the social network.” Weiterlesen bei New York Magazine

(Eine) Zukunft des Journalismus

In eigener Sache: Neue Gegenwart-Kanäle

Neue Gegenwart unterrichtet Sie regelmäßig auf mehreren Kanälen über Neuigkeiten, zum Beispiel über neue Ausgaben des Magazins, neue Ausstellungen bei Neue Gegenwart Contemporary und auch über andere aktuelle Ereignisse rund um Neue Gegenwart. Alle Kanäle sind natürlich kostenlos, Kündigungen und Abbestellungen sind jederzeit möglich.

Neue Gegenwart ist zum Beispiel auch auf


zu finden. Eine Übersicht aller Kanäle finden Sie im Magazin.

Die Sammlung (1)

The Ghosts of Amsterdam
Überblendungen aktueller und historischer Fotos aus Amsterdam, Bilder von Jo Teeuwisse.

Thorsten Schmidtkord: “Head On Top”, Fotomontagen von Thorsten Schmidtkord.

Disaster Zone

“30 awesome disaster movie money shots”, Video-Galerie.

Inside Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Unmakeable” Interactive Book, Bilder, Text und Video.

Bridle Road Residence, Cape Town, South Africa

“Bridle Road Residence in Cape Town, South Africa, is a beautiful example of a sizeable structure that does not impose itself onto the landscape at the base of Table Mountain.”
The Cool Hunter, Bilder.

Animation: ‘Above Everything Else’

Vollständig (!) computeranimierter Werbespot von Alex Roman.

Title: ‘Above Everything Else’, Agency: N/A – direct client, Client: Grupo Cosentino , Product: Worktop, Brand: Silestone, Production company: The Mushroom Company, Director/DoP/Art direction/Post/Editor: Alex Roman, Original idea/Concept: Alex Roman, Additional CGI: Juan Ángel García Martinez, Music: ZipZap Music, Spot TV 60″.

Destroyed Apple Products

Michael Tompert und Paul Fairchild haben Apple-Produkte zerstört und ausgestellt:
Galerie ansehen (

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