Link: “The Great American Road Trip Has Gone Electric”

“The road trip may be the perfect expression of American’s obsession with freedom. The ability to hop in a car and go wherever we want whenever we want has inspired a canon’s worth of books and films. It is the stuff of dreams, and very often of vacations.” Von Alex Davies  > Weiter bei Wired

Link: “Lake Lugano House, Switzerland”

“The residence and office, designed by Milan-based architect Jacopo Mascheroni of JM Architecture for a financial consultant and her family, consists of two sections: a rounded glass pavilion and a reinforced concrete structure that is partially inserted into the mountain.” > Weiter bei The Cool Hunter

Wired: “Facebook Is Ready for Your New Closeup. Are You?”

“Earlier this year, Daniel Ek, the CEO of the music service Spotify, was in a car with Mark Zuckerberg. Ek was visiting the Facebook founder in California while the two companies were working together on what eventually would be part of the massive announcement made by Zuckerberg today at his company’s F8 developer’s conference. It’s an initiative that will unleash new waves of applications on Facebook that will greatly enhance the power of the service — already a major part of people’s lives — by adding a limitless stream of lifestyle data that people can use to share and, ultimately, define themselves with a profile built on a stunning amount of personal information.”

Von Steven Levy, Wired/Epicenter > Weiter bei Wired/Epicenter

Forbes: “Facebook’s Makeover Is A Little Bit Scary”

“At last year’s F8, Facebook announced the “like” button. One year later the ‘like’ button looks like the work of cave men. Starting today, Zuckerberg announced that you won’t be able to just ‘like’ a song, artist, movie, news story, exercise or recipe. You’ll listen to a song, buy concert tickets, watch a movie, read a news article, run in Golden Gate Park and cook a recipe. Your entire life– and all your social interactions– will now be broadcast on Facebook. In Facebook vernacular: ‘Your apps. Now with friends.’” Von Nicole Perlroth, Forbes > Weiter bei Forbes

Link: ‘Epidermal Electronics’ Paste Peelable Circuitry On Your Skin, Just Like A Temporary Tattoo”

“Someday soon, hospital patients won’t be hooked up to wires and monitors — instead, electronic patches will be temporarily tattooed onto their bodies. Doctors will be able to monitor their vital signs without poking and prodding, and patients wearing neck patches will even be able to communicate with robots, who will translate throat muscle movements into simple speech.” > Weiter bei PopSci

Video: “Control another person’s face in real-time”

“Given a photo of person A, we seek a photo of person B with similar pose and expression. Solving this problem enables a form of puppetry, in which one person appears to control the face of another. When deployed on a webcam-equipped computer, our approach enables a user to control another person’s face in real-time.” > Weiter bei Vimeo

Link: “Google’s Mapping Tools Spawn New Breed of Art Projects”

“While not exactly art, Google Street View has also uncovered its fair share of pranksters and puzzles which deserve a mention in this list.” > Weiter bei Wired/Raw File

In eigener Sache: Neue Gegenwart® Contemporary

Neue Gegenwart Contemporary zeigt bis zum 28. Oktober 2011
Werke des amerikanischen Fotografen



Neue Gegenwart Contemporary ist ein Ausstellungsort im Netz für Fotografie,
Malerei, Film, Videokunst – aber auch für zeitgenössisches Editorial- und
Produktdesign. Alle Werke, die in Neue Gegenwart Contemporary ausgestellt
werden, sind nur im Ausstellungszeitraum zu sehen.

Mit besten Grüßen
Björn Brückerhoff

Neue Gegenwart® auf Facebook:

Linktipp: “Rorschmap Turns Google Maps Into Rorschach Test-Inspired Designs”

“Rorschmap Turns Google Maps Into Rorschach Test-Inspired Designs” > Weiter bei Laughing Squid


Christian Thomas kommentiert die großen und kleine Veränderungen des Designs auf unnachahmliche Art. Er ist Geschäftsführer von Quarante Brand Design in Wien.

Artikel von Christian Thomas in Neue Gegenwart:

Liebes-Aus! Drama um!

Liebes-Aus! Drama um! In Kürze startet der Call for Papers für die nächste Ausgabe: Neue Gegenwart® Nr. 60 – Die Boulevard-Ausgabe. Informationen gibt es per E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter und andere Kanäle. ‘Bleiben Sie dran’.

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