Link: “Startup Wants You to Capture the World in 3-D”

“Mantis Vision is developing 3-D scanning technology that could end up in lots of tablets.” Von Rachel Metz > Weiter bei MIT Technology Report

Faces in Places

“A photographic collection of faces found in everyday places.” > Weiter

The Haunted Household

“Maintaining a home is an uphill battle. For quite some time Iʼve suspected that little goblins are sabotaging my efforts.” By Christoph Niemann/Abstract City/ > Weiter

Link: 7 Amazing Exoplanets [Interactive]

“Hundreds of planets around other stars have been discovered recently, but many centuries may pass before human eyes actually see them up close. Interpreting current data, Hugo award-winning artist Ron Miller takes us to seven of the most fascinating of these worlds.” Text and narration by Ed Bell [Scientific American]

New York underwater

“Inspired by issues relating to climate change, DUMBO Underwater imagines what it might feel like if sea levels rose to the point where parts of New York City found themselves underwater.” By Eric Corriel

Bruce Sterling talk on “vernacular video”

“Here’s a very stern and sardonic Bruce Sterling at the Vimeo Festival discussing “vernacular video.” Bruce notes, “This speech goes on for 56 minutes, practically forever by vernacular video standards.” Despite that, I was riveted by all 56 minutes’ worth — Bruce takes an unexpected turn through the history of the Dick Van Dyke show on the way to explaining how to predict the future and then wraps it up with a sinister turn around the morality of cigarette sponsorship and what it is that vernacular video does that runs parallel to selling coffin nails.” Via Cory Doctorow/Boing Boing

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

Do Nothing fo… FAIL.


“An excavation, gigatons in motion. In the extraterrestrial view magnetic field resonances mix up with power line frequencies. A planet is examined, microscopically, zoomed in from afar. Dimensions without scale. Energy harvest permanently. The earth, a megalopolis is making megawatt.” By F. Forberg.

Low frequencies – turn volume done on portable devices.

Neue Gegenwart-Autor Tobias Eberwein mit Medienethik-Preis META 2010 ausgezeichnet

Neue Gegenwart-Autor Tobias Eberwein ist mit dem Medienethik-Preis META 2010 der Hochschule der Medien ausgezeichnet worden. Er erhielt die Auszeichnung für seinen Beitrag „Raus aus der Selbstbeobachtungsfalle“ (erschienen in Neue Gegenwart Nr. 56). Alle Informationen finden Sie im Magazin

Notabilia – Visualizing Deletion Discussions on Wikipedia

M. Stefaner, D. Taraborelli, G.L. Ciampaglia (2011) Notabilia – Visualizing Deletion Discussions on Wikipedia. Arcimboldo’s Feast for the Eyes

“Renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo painted witty, even surreal portraits composed of fruits, vegetables, fish and trees”. By Abigail Tucker, Weiterlesen

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