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Twistspin [Video]

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Link: Convergence vs. Specialization: Which Will Win Out? [ReadWriteWeb]

“One of the enduring themes of technology is convergence, when different products evolve to do similar tasks. The smartphone is the prime example of convergence in this era, bringing together voice and data (web) applications. Plus, in recent times, high quality photography and video. However, we’ve entered an age where we have multiple Internet-connected devices within our grasp. Many of these are specialist devices, such as the Kindle and Xbox. We’ll see many more examples soon, as specialist household objects such as toasters and fridges get connected to the Internet. So, does that mean specialization will win out over convergence? ” By Richard MacManus. > Weiter bei ReadWriteWeb

Six Dream Projects of the 3-D Printing Pioneers [PopSci]

“3-D printing is a young technology, but its pioneers and champions aren’t satisfied with printing cars, airplane parts, or tiny edible spaceships–they’re always looking down the road at what’s next. We talked with some of the best minds in 3-D printing about their dream projects–not what’s possible now, but what their current work might lead to in five or ten years.”

By Dan Nosowitz > Weiter bei PopSci

Link: L House – Buenos Aires

“This residence was completed in January this year, yet it exudes a classic, modernist elegance that will ensure it will look just as timeless 50 years from now. Located in Buenos Aires, the “L House” by architect Mathias Klotz and associate architect Edgar Minond is the main residence of a small family.” > Weiter bei The Cool Hunter

BBC: The Beauty of Maps

The Beauty of Maps is a 4 part BBC series [...]. The documentary takes us through the staggering four million map collection of the British Library in London.” LikeCool (inkl. Video).
> Weiter bei BBC Four

‘Informationen zur politischen Bildung’ erschienen: Schwerpunkt Massenmedien

Die Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung hat ein Heft zum Schwerpunkt “Massenmedien” veröffentlicht. Es ist in der Reihe “Informationen zur politischen Bildung” erschienen und enthält zahlreiche Beiträge renommierter Autoren. Das Heft steht im Volltext zum Download zur Verfügung, kann aber auch in gedruckter Form kostenlos bestellt werden. Weiter >

New York Times: Judge Rejects Google’s Deal to Digitize Books

“Google’s ambition to create the world’s largest digital library and bookstare has run into the reality of a 300-year-old legal concept: copyright.”

Von Miguel Helft. > Weiter bei The New York Times

A Brief Introduction to Genetics

“‘A Brief Introduction to Genetics’ is a short documentary film that explores the history of genetics & genomics and the underlying concepts that provide the foundational knowledge that today’s research is built upon. The film describes the history of genetics, from Gregor Mendel, to concepts such as DNA and the genetic code. Having introduced the fundamental ideas of genetics, the film moves on to describe the current techniques used to study genetics. Finally, the film explores the connection of these core concepts to genomics and bioinformatics.” By David Murawsky

Link: Can Angela Merkel hold Europe together?

“Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, has the future of Europe in her hands. As the biggest creditor country, Germany holds the key to resolving the euro zone’s sovereign-debt crisis. As the continent’s economic giant, it is the biggest determinant of the European Union’s direction. And right now Europe may be embarking on a path that could tilt the union away from economic liberalism, risking a split and, ultimately, even a British exit.”
> Weiter bei The Economist

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